The story so far

Transition to an open town

In June 2015, when Alinta announced their intention to cease its Flinders operations, the residents of Leigh Creek began their journey from a closed mining town to an open regional service centre.

The State Government began coordinating a response and committed to providing services to support Leigh Creek to become an open town.

While there is still more to be done, the town and its surrounds have taken significant steps forward.

The successful transition will be the result of a coordinated effort by the State Government, Outback Communities Authority and the community, guided by the recommendations in the Leigh Creek Futures report.

We are working with the community, including the Adnyamathanha people as the traditional owners of the land, to achieve the best possible outcomes for Leigh Creek.

Ultimately, the goal is for Leigh Creek to be an independent, self-sustaining, economically successful regional hub.