The Response

Consideration of responses

The RFI was sent directly to 325 individuals and 15 industry groups, institutions and association distribution lists of over 10,000 people. Proposals were received between 9 December 2015 and closed on 1 February 2016.

The State Government received more than 30 responses from people and organisations interested in ensuring a viable future for Leigh Creek. The ideas submitted include a range of proposals for commercial and industrial use of the mine site, use of the area’s natural mineral and renewable energy resources, as well as proposals to use the town’s existing infrastructure for education, training, and arts.

Between 8 February and 8 April 2016, these proposals were assessed against the published criteria and then considered further through consultation with a range of technical specialists across government.

The purpose of the criteria was to give an indication of the types of matters against which the Government considered the responses.

The criteria are:

Next steps

The Leigh Creek Futures report, released on 6 June, has made 30 recommendations to the State Government to maintain and revitalise the township.

The report has been prepared based on the proposals received in response to the Request for Information – Commercial Opportunities, Leigh Creek and surrounds, in addition to prior and subsequent consultation and investigations overseen by Dr Jane Lomax-Smith.

Responses received and recommendations in the RFI Report have also helped to inform the Government’s transition planning for the township and to determine a way forward for the economic and social sustainability of the region.

Some specific recommendations in the RFI Report also outline proposals that will be pursued directly by the Outback Communities Authority and others that involve issuing of an Expression of Interest process for commercial businesses in the Township, like the Tavern and Caravan park.

Remaining recommendations will be considered further by government.